TD Jakes

Bishop Jakes speaks to readers about communication and how the ways we speak and interact with others can be part of our everyday ministries. 


Discover the secret of reigning over every adversity, lack and destructive habit that is limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness and victory that you were destined to enjoy.

Behind the Seen Book Cover Only (MicahTe

The topics in Behind the Seen range from the origin and craftiness of Satan to heavenly or celestial hierarchy. Scripture references are highlighted throughout the book to guide readers to the supporting Bible verses.


From the NAACP Image award winner and national bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray, a novel inspired by the seven deadly sins about a woman caught between an entertainment mogul with a shady past and his childhood friend who is out for revenge.

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Dr. Myles  Munroe

Learning how to maximize your potential gives you the confidence to release the God-given gifts and talents trapped within you. You can make a difference in your world now! 

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Kenneth Hagin explains what it means to be born again. Scripture references are from the KJV Bible. 

Candace E. Wilkins

This is not a book for the go-getters. It's for the stay-putters. It's for the disabled-dreamers. The stuck-in-a-rutters. The pattern-holders. The self-saboteurs. The fear-incapacitated. It's for those who are stuck in a start-stop cycle in various aspects of their lives. It's for the person who can't seem to get over the hump of finishing.

Patricia Haley-Glass

#1 Essence & Christian fiction bestselling author Patricia Haley teams up with national bestselling Gracie Hill in this edgy new drama series based on the biblical Apostle Paul and his journey from sinner to saint. Together Patricia and Gracie tackle matters of faith, church drama, religious hypocrisy, bitterness, and love in the Redeemed Series


Oksana Tademy is the author of three guide books that take the reader on a journey of life application & self discovery. The reader navigates through the processes of life with the assistance of tools and wisdom taken from scripture. The book is designed to help the reader to apply the material through a series of reflection questions and application journals. Having a guide through important seasons of life helps us to avoid wasted time and unnecessary pitfalls. If you're looking for guidance and advice for these areas of life, these books will prove to be a valuable addition to your personal library.

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Daniel Tademy is an innovative and creative independent artist. He is responsible for several projects including Undivided, A Year of Music, and several other singles! His music is an expression of his creativity, faith & growth. It is highlighted by a unique level of transparency that allows him to be relatable and refreshing to those who listen. To check out his latest work, click the button below! 


Oksana Tademy has a background in music and entertainment. She has recorded covers such as "Needing You," which is a free download. She has also completed an EP called Undivided. Undivided was brought to life by both Oksana and her husband Daniel Tademy. This project combines R&B & hip hop styles with faith-based content. The song "What We Wanna Do," became popular after winning the City Takers challenge in 2017. From start to finish, this EP will take you on a transparent journey of self-reflection, worship and so much more! Click the button below to purchase today! 

Joseph Prince
Christopher Murray
Frederick K.C. Price Jr
Kenneth E. Hagin